High Street Management.

Going Prepared with Reliable Data

High street shops face a wide range of challenges in 2021; out-of-town shopping, online shopping and a global pandemic that has changed every facet of modern life.

For a Business Improvement District (BID), there is an increasing need to not only attract customers to the area but to understand them, engage them and appreciate their loyalty. You’re advertising on Facebook, taking out advertisements on local radio and you have Google PPC in place.

But when it comes to meetings, BID managers have no evidence to show BID members how you’ve successfully and proactively improved footfall and increased sales for their business. The lack of data means you struggle to measure the effectiveness of customer engagements and marketing campaigns.


Results Speak, Real Data Speaks Louder

What if your BID could achieve all of the above without the need for an App or loyalty cards? Péarlaí’s intuitive software lets BID Managers and retailers offer a customer loyalty programme.

The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to understand critical demographic data for your VIP Shoppers.

  • Understand your VIP Shoppers by categorising data by age group, location, gender, store-visit frequency and much more.
  • Easily measure your ROI with Péarlaí’s straightforward breakdown from marketing campaigns.
  • Use insights to target specific demographic groups with tailored and automated marketing campaigns through SMS messaging.
  • Present data evidence to BID members of improved conversion rates.

Who Can Benefit from Using Péarlaí?



Natalie and her friend Jessica catch the bus to the city center, as both women walk up the street, Natalie’s phone pings. She opens an SMS message to find a 10% discount code for one of her favourite fashion stores and she and Jessica go there and buy some new clothes. After leaving the fashion store, the two ladies make their way up the high street, but they’re feeling a little tired from all the walking.

Natalie’s phone pings again and to her delight, her favourite coffee shop has sent her a text message saying, “This coffee’s on us, show your VIP key fob at the till”. Natalie and Jessica go in, and Natalie is delighted with her free coffee. At the same time, Jessica adds some much-needed business to the coffee store by purchasing coffee and a traybake.

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